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The Gold Standard of Metal Facades

Alchemy, from which we derive our name, was the precursor to chemistry. A discipline founded during the Middle Ages, it was associated with the goal to transform base materials into gold. This “transformation” was attempted in a variety of ways, on a variety of metals—hence the expression “turning lead into gold.”

For this project, the designers wanted a facade that would complement the Ombrae panel system it sits beside. With four coats of custom gold paint on two different panel profiles, we achieved a precious metal glow. A standard roll form solution couldn’t provide the desired warm metallic shimmer, but LKMe brake formed panels could, offering the design flexibility to turn metal into gold.

Product(s) Used
Custom Metallic Coated Steel

Burnaby, BC


Keith Panel Systems Co.

architect / Designer
Stantec Architecture

Jared Korb

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