How we work with you


Making a Statement

Our brake-formed metal panels are durable, cost-effective, and beautiful, with premium finishes adding a unique, high-end look. Begin with a basic panel, play with depths, widths and patterns, and end up with a budget-friendly and eye-catching design solution.

The Starting Point

This panel is basic industry standard: typical widths, minimal options, roll-formed, a commodity product with limited variations. We can make this product, and make it well, but this isn’t an LKMe wall. For that, keep scrolling.

The Variation

A slight change to the original makes all the difference, creating a dynamic new facade panel. Brake-formed like all LKMe products, this panel offers strength and style.

The Pattern

Embrace a new rhythm. Create a pattern that repeats as frequently as desired, adding a distinct visual interest to your structure.

The Random

Choose an even more unique aesthetic and abandon pattern altogether. Brake-forming allows incredible customization, including the option for random panel layouts. Start dreaming of unlimited possibilities.

The Finish

Want a custom colour? Want five custom colours? How about a subtle shimmer? Or a not-so-subtle anodized metallic sheen? LKMe can do it all, resulting in literally thousands of design possibilities.

How We Work with You


During an in-depth consultation, we discuss your design vision, budget, and timeline.

Perfect the Design

Part artist and part technologist, we help you arrive at the perfect design solution.

Manufacture Product

We provide product engineering and specs for each panel, ensuring a quality, professionally engineered system.


Pre-qualified, professional installation companies with experienced trades-people ensure panels are installed correctly.

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