• How do you pronounce LKMe?

    Al-CHEM-ee, the same as “alchemy,” the ancient discipline seeking to turn base metal into gold.

  • Where is LKMe manufactured?

    In Victoria, BC, and Calgary, AB, with materials coming in from around the world.

  • Why are LKMe products brake-formed instead of roll-formed?

    Using a Twin-bend brake is preferable to roll or press forming as it reduces or eliminates differential stress in the sheet and minimizes handling. Brake-formed panels are stronger and less susceptible to damage. Brake forming equipment also allows vastly expanded customization in the type of shape that can be achieved.

  • Is LKMe more expensive than standard metal cladding?

    LKMe fills the gap between traditional face-fastened metal cladding and expensive shop-formed products such as ACM panels, Phenolic, Cementitious, and other specialty products. Price is determined by yield from the parent coil, finish type, and base material type. Typically, the cost of material is slightly more expensive than face-fastened metal cladding, while the cost of installation is similar depending on the complexity of the layout and installation.

  • What is the longest panel that can be produced?

    26’8” long.

  • What is the maximum width of panel you can produce?

    Each panel has different characteristics depending on metal type and thickness, wind conditions, and panel length. Please contact us for assistance or use our architect’s tool. Load calculations can be provided for every panel manufactured to ensure compliance.

  • What other materials do you work with, other than painted steel?

    Zinc, copper, aluminum, terne, coreten (weathering steel), copper-brass alloys, titanium, and stainless steel, to name a few.

  • Are there limitations on colour or order sizes?

    No. However, orders under 2500 square feet may incur paint set-up charges for custom finishes.

  • Where can I buy LKMe?

    Through an authorized installation partner or material supplier. Please contact us for referrals.

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